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Sheet metal fabrication and welding services in West Sussex

A full welding and metal fabrication service

We have decades of experience in the world steel fabrication and sheet metal welding, both at our workshop in Pulborough and off-site at various locations around West Sussex. Whatever you want from a metalworker, be it welding, cutting, or metal fabrication, Riverview Welding Services has the solution you need.

Metal Fabrication

Metal fabrication is the art of building a metal structure from sheet metal, but way of various cutting, bending, and assembling processes. At Riverview Welding Services, our specialised team of technicians and engineers are experts in all these procedures meaning, however big or small your project might be, we have the staff and the expertise to make it happen.

Sheet Metal

We are experts at working in sheet metal. Whether we’re creating a steel fabrication,  or cutting out a decorative design from the sheet metal, we have experience in working with all sizes of sheet, as well as all kinds of metal, including both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Over the years we have worked with brass, copper, steel, iron, aluminium, and many others.

Sheet Metals For Fabrication
Welding Table With Metals


At Riverview Welding Services, we pride ourselves on the precision of the welding work we provide. Every one of our welding technicians is highly trained in all welding methods, bringing years of experience with them to every task.

Engineering Companies

As the premier metal fabrication company in West Sussex, we regularly partner with engineering companies across the county, who recognise quality work when they see it. Our engineers and technicians are adept at reading and adhering to blueprints and designs, and are an asset to all engineering companies, regardless of size.

Welding Table For Metal Fabrication

Your local metal fabrication and welding company

Over seventy years’ experience

We started trading in 1989, from our workshop in Pulborough and, in the near thirty years since, we have expanded to cover an area some 50 miles around. This takes in much of West Sussex, and includes major towns and cities like Crawley, Chichester, Brighton, and Horsham.

While the company itself has a thirty year trading history, the staff of Riverview Welding Services has over twice that long in experience with sheet metal welding and steel fabrication. It’s the level of expertise that guarantees a professional finish, and a first-rate job.

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